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David Warren

David Warren – Recovery Specialist

With a warm and approachable demeanor, David brings his enthusiastic energy to the Recovery Specialist position every day at South Shore Recovery Center. David infuses his work with enthusiasm and compassion, drawing from both professional experience and personal journey to support the recovery community.

Having studied Multi-Media Communications at Worcester State College and earning a recent certificate as an IT Support Specialist from Google, David brings a diverse skill set to his role. But it’s his passion for music that truly sets him apart. A talented musician and songwriter, David finds joy in incorporating music into his work whenever possible, adding a creative and uplifting touch to the recovery process.

Outside of work, David cherishes moments with his family, particularly enjoying playful adventures with his son and relaxing trips to the beach. His adventurous spirit extends beyond the shoreline, as he’s always eager to explore new experiences and opportunities.

With David’s friendly demeanor, genuine compassion for those struggling with addiction, and love for music, he’s not just a Recovery Specialist – he’s a beacon of support and positivity for our community here at South Shore Recovery Center.